What happens when you combine 2 forces? A new take on dancefloor drum & bass provided by yours truly.

Alora consists of Netherlands based Maddie Goossens a.k.a. Madster, and Twan Koning, head honcho of the fabled NOX Events. Maddie and Twan linked up, sharing their knowledge, skills and tastes, combining Maddie’s affinity for energetic music with Twan’s feeling for a unique vibe. This combination of insight proved to be a unique recipe for success.

Since debuting with their track “ID”, dutch duo Alora has released statement track after statement track. Their music is renowned for their musicality, coupled with a no-nonsense approach to the electronic roots of their production, garnering early support by the likes of A.M.C, Andy C, Camo & Krooked, UKF and many, many more.

These flavours are found all through their DJ-sets. A blend of complex textures, high energy and the best dancefloor smashers are guaranteed when you catch them. But don’t get comfortable, as they can blow you away any moment…

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