Amsterdam based Artino started his journey in 2018 with a clear vision for the future. His unique take on drum and bass combines euphoric, uplifting and melancholic sounds with a raw edge and high energy. Through his exceptional style and skill, Artino has already landed releases on tastemaker labels such as Liquicity’s RIDMIC imprint and Friction’s Elevate Records. 

From there he’s steadily growing his fanbase around the globe, continuously implementing influences from outside of drum & bass, such as melodic techno, house and cinematic music. His musical identity is rapidly becoming more defined and his tracks are captivating new listeners every day. 

As a performer, Artino has been a resident at Fiber events in Nijmegen since their inception, and since then has played at loads of other events in the Netherlands like Moonshine, Liquicity and more. 

From now on, the only way is up. 2023 is shaping up to become a great year, with a lot of releases planned and several high profile shows lined up. Artino will bring his unique style of melodic drum and bass to an event near you.

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