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CaitC Hailing from Breda, The Netherlands, CaitC is one of the brightest rising stars in the scene right now. Playing a blend of the hottest… Read More »CaitC


Dustkey Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands, Dustkey rapidly cemented himself in the Dutch drum and bass scene. With a slew of releases under his belt… Read More »Dustkey


Koarse Nijmegen / Utrecht based Koarse rolled into drum and bass listening to everything raw and dark. His enjoyement for dark music drove him to… Read More »Koarse


Marge Belgian born Marge, once referred to as a “breakthrough smooth like silk vocalist”, has a rich history in music so far. From a very… Read More »Marge


Petroll From ambient to techincal deep tracks, Groningen based Petroll is an anomaly in the drum and bass scene. With a deep love for calming… Read More »Petroll


Styke Rapidly garnering attention throughout the scene, Netherlands-based Styke is a young artist with an eye for detail. After being exposed to all kinds of… Read More »Styke


Vypes The future is now, and it is a grim one. From the depths of a city completely built for the 21st century, a figure… Read More »Vypes


Divicioux Divicioux has been spinning the decks for quite a while now. This 22-year-old DJ from Breda got into the Drum and Bass scene by… Read More »Divicioux


Jetyx Hailing from Breda, The Netherlands, Jetyx is taking the scene by storm. You might know this man for his energetic and uplifting Drum and… Read More »Jetyx


Lexxion Straight from den Bosch, Lexxion is a power to be reckoned with. Having played some of the biggest events all over the country, he… Read More »Lexxion


NHN Born and raised in Tilburg, the Netherlands, 25 year old NHN has discovered his love for electronic music early in his life. Growing up… Read More »NHN