Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands, Dustkey rapidly cemented himself in the Dutch drum and bass scene. With a slew of releases under his belt on labels such as Liquicity, Differential, Galacy, Glitch Audio, High Tea and more, Dustkey is always moving forward. Being classically trained from a young age, Dustkey excels in creating melodies and playing with harmonics. His music ranges from a soul-soaked, laidback style, to uplifting dancefloor perfect for creating euphoria on the dancefloor. 

In a similar vein to his music, his DJ sets always offer something unique. From his sets you can expect a wide range of harmonic mixing, unexpected doubles, and in special instances even a live performance with his synthesizer!

Wherever he goes, it’s guaranteed he brings his signature sound. It doesn’t matter where you put him on a timeslot, since he can always get the crowd going and deliver a top notch performance.

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