Hailing from Breda, The Netherlands, Jetyx is one of the brightest upcoming talents in the Dutch scene. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that his energetic, colorful and inherently fun sets are guaranteed to get your feet off the ground. 

Expect a unique track selection packed with heavy hitters and uplifting sounds that focus on the world of Drum and Bass, but also seamlessly explores other genres like Bass-House, Dubstep and Electro; all while retaining his signature sound. 

After starting at local parties and quickly moving up to some of the biggest Drum and Bass events of The Netherlands and Belgium, Jetyx went back to the drawing board to reinvent himself and find his signature sound. Similar to his DJ sets, Jetyx found inspiration in the things he loves most, developing a style that’s soaked in good vibes and high energy.   

This signature sound is a direct reflection of who he is as a person today and what has inspired him most throughout his life. 

Jetyx is now fully ready to blow everyone away with his unique sound, undeniable energy, good vibes and all-round stellar performance.

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