Nijmegen / Utrecht based Koarse rolled into drum and bass listening to everything raw and dark. His enjoyement for dark music drove him to learn how to make it himself, picking up music production at the early age of only 13 years old. From that moment onwards, he never stopped developing his skills, creating a signature style with high technical standards.

His production skills have improved even more when he started studying Music and Technology at the HKU in Utrecht, adding impressive DJ skills to his resume. Koarse recently finished his bachelor playing an impeccable 4-deck live set for his graduation. Taking it even further with his masters degree, where he combines DJ sets with visuals, his fully immersive sets are a sight to behold. 

Inspired by loud and aggressive tracks with a loose and off beat pluck rhythm, Koarse always finds the golden mean. As the multi-talent that he is, this DJ is not scared of challenges and experiments with different genres like techno, footwork and even hardcore. Having already received support from the likes of NOISIA, IMANU and Buunshin, he’s well on his way to become the next big name in the game.

He describes his own music as ‘loud and distorted’, so expect to be knocked out of your seat! 

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