From the first moment he set foot on the scene, Leniz has been hailed as a prodigal producer in the underground drum and bass scene. Influenced by several different genres such as lo-fi house, ambient music and jungle, Leniz has honed his craft and created a distinct style.

While he started out producing mainly laidback music, nowadays Leniz doesn’t shy away from a banger or two. This all combines into a varied discography that spans from 8-minute long atmospheric jungle music to bass-driven rollers, perfectly fit for the dancefloor.

His DJ sets are no different. A Leniz set can span from a laidback summer night, to a 6 AM warehouse performance keeping everyone on their toes. His ability to adjust and always deliver the unexpected has given him the opportunity to play at events such as NOX, many Liquicity editions including the summer Festival, Rampage, TRIBE, Basshaven and many more. 

 One thing is certain: Leniz never stops moving forward, constantly turning new heads and garnering more attention throughout the scene.

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