From ambient to techincal deep tracks, Groningen based Petroll is an anomaly in the drum and bass scene. With a deep love for calming music, and a mindset to always bend rules in his own productions, you never quite know what to expect. He takes inspiration from artists such as Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds, weaving enchanting atmospheres and unique soundscapes in dancefloor ready tunes. His imaginative approach to music has given us music that always seems to be just ahead of it’s time, landing him releases on labels as Differential and Skank and Bass, with more planned for the future. 

His DJ sets are just as unique and diverse, with an emphasis on technicality and keeping the crowd moving. Throughout his performances you can expect a top shelf selection of tunes, both brand new and forgotten gems, with creative transitions and unexpected doubles. Petroll’s ability and style has landed him gigs on Liquicity, Korsakov, Tribe and many more. You may not know quite what to expect, but one thing is certain: the future is exciting when it’s about Petroll.

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