Playlist Update and New Signings!

Marge, Jesse & Dubape added to the roster

We’re happy to announce the signing of 3 new artists on the GEO Roster! 

Starting off with “Shooting Star” Marge. With sublime control over her voice, energetic stage presence and flowing lyrics Marge frequently plays with DJ’s such as CaitC, Fuelized and others. If you’re looking to add a vocal element to your show: Marge is the one to find. Read more here.

Second up is Jessee. This German powerhouse already has a wealth of experience, hosting and playing on his own “Jessee and Friends” events, but also many big events and festivals like NOX and Rampage. Read more here.

Our third new signing is Dubape. As an Austrian native, it’s not unexpected he has impeccable sound design and extremely creative productions. On top of that he has already played a lot of shows in his homecountry, being one of the most respected deep dubstep and drum and bass artists around. Read more here.

Spotify Releases Playlist

Continously updating our playlist with the biggest hits and freshest release by all of the artists on the GEO Roster, this month’s update features a host of new music in several styles. 

Head over to listen to a brand new track by CaitC, Dustkey, Jessee, Dubape and many more!

Listen here