Vypes combines modern heavy dance music with a moody dystopian twist. Add to ths his virtuoso skills as a guitarist and you have a combination which has never been seen before in this corner of music.

His first 2 years as a releasing artist have been very eventful. Being supported by Rene LaVice in his BBC radio 1 show, getting bookings at massive events like NOX, playing local headline shows and earning praise from some of the biggest names in the scene. 

His debut EP “Skyline” showcases not only his skills to create individual tracks of high quality, but also his ability to create a coherent story as one work of art. Skyline takes you through a musical journey. From the apocalyptical cacophony which is “Renegade” to the melancholic ravey “Want You Back”. Vypes has found his voice, and will continue to push and develop it.

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